A List of 5 Best Scopes for AR 15 Optics under $100 in 2020

Scopes for rifles come in different designs and sizes. Some of them are really expensive and have several functions, while some have a few functions, but they can still be used for beginners. Although there are multiple options available in the market deciding on one can be a nerve-wracking job, especially if you are new to these things. The AR 15 optics is a great choice for anyone who is just starting with rifles. These can help people take shots with precision and accuracy for hunting purposes and professionally. All best scoped for AR 15 under $100 are pretty affordable for most people.

Finding a scope under $100 is a lot of work, so here we have compiled a list of 5 best scopes for AR 15 under $100. This can help you navigate which one would be useful for you in a cheap junkyard of reviews.

1. UTG BugBuster 3-9X32 BugBuster AO Scope

This one has been among the top 5 rifle scopes even in 2020 because it has lockable and resettable turrets. The reviews for this one have come from hundreds of users, and at this price, I think it is gold. Locking your turrets can give you the confidence to aim your shot but be careful with the adjustments because it can be hard to adjust them again.

UTG BugBuster 3-9X32 BugBuster AO Scope

Range Mil-Dot Reticle:

This one features a range of mil-dot reticle with hash marks along the entire elevation and windage crosshairs for the perfect aim. This can help you track the measurements and range your target.

Dual Illumination:

It also features a dual illumination in red and green, but you can see this just fine without illumination.

Parallax Correction:

It comes with AO that can help you focus for a close distance of 3 yards to infinity without any issue.

  • Highly recommended by experts
  • Range mil-dot reticle
  • Affordable
  • Comes with sunshade and quality QD rings
  • Leapers lifetime warranty
  • Quality control issues


2. CVLIFE 2.5-10X40E Red & Green Illuminated Mil-Dot Tactical Rifle Scope

Another top pick under $100 is none other than CVLIFE 2.5-10X40E Red & Green Illuminated Mil-Dot Tactical Rifle Scope. Being the best AR 15 under $100, it is also affordable and offers great quality. Let’s see what makes it a top pick even in this amount.

CVLIFE 2.5-10X40E Red & Green Illuminated Mil-Dot Tactical Rifle Scope

Dual Illumination:

This rifle scope also has dual illumination with a red and green light. Additionally, it has 5 brightness levels. So, day or night, you will be able to see clearly.

Mil-Dot Reticle:

The mil-dot reticle has BDC holdover points calibrated for .223 55 gr cartridges out to 500 yards. With a little bit of practice, you can range the target position.

Side-Mounted Laser:

There is a built-in side-mounted laser in this rifle scope. The scope has 20mm scope mounts and comes with lens caps.

  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Built-in laser
  • Dual illumination
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories
  • Dicey quality
  • Not durable

3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

This rifle scope is from a reputable company that manufactures high-end scopes as well. It is nice to see companies going out of the way to make affordable scopes for those who can’t buy from the expensive range.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Illumination:

The red dot has an enclosed reflex sight, and this is why it has been the best seller among rifle scopes and gun sights. The red dot has the size of 3 MOA with 11 brightness settings. It also has a 25 mm aperture and 1x magnification ability. All of these features make it quite worthwhile. If you have an AR-15 rifle with a flat top receiver, it is recommended to use Hi-Riser Block to raise the sight. If you manage to mount it, you can surely see better.

A few people have complained about lens falling off and the inability to hold zero, but it comes with a 1-year warranty, so replace them within a year, and you are good to use it.

Unlimited Eye Relief:

Many people want eye relief; the Trophy TRS-25 has got it covered because it comes with a mount to any Picatinny/1913 and weaver rail. This feature also makes it suitable for handguns as well.

Other Details:

As for elevation and windage, this one comes with 1 MOA clicks. The optics are multi-coated in this one. And lastly, it is pretty much water and shockproof. Even in the fog, it works as fog proof.

  • Adjustable illumination
  • Weatherproof gear
  • Suitable for handguns too
  • Low priced
  • Quality is not reliable
  • Got low profile for AR-15 pistols


4. Tactical Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Scope

A combat veteran-owned company Tactical offers a sturdiest and tactical optic among the top 5 picks of the best scope for AR 15 under $100.

Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Scope


Dual Illumination:

Well, this one has an adjustable red and green illumination with 5 different brightness levels. There is a preinstalled mount that can be used for quick mounting to adjust the setting, and if you don’t want it, you can remove it. So, it doesn’t matter when you shoot; it will work at dusk, dawn, night, or afternoon for that matters. The vision can get misplaced with red dots because it is made from China, and it is guilty of having quality control issues. However, there is nothing that can’t be fixed by mounting a few screws, and if you are still not satisfied, then nothing to worry about as it comes with a 100 % money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Other Features:

This Tactical Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Scope has a usable range of 300 yards but not more than that. Other features for this one include O-ring sealed and waterproofed with nitrogen-purged gear. This one can be bought for under $50 so having these features is impressive for such heavy-duty equipment.

  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Waterproof nitrogen-purged coating
  • Interchangeable red and green dot
  • Low priced
  • Low quality
  • Not reliable in the field


5. CenterPoint 1-4X20 AR Scope

If you are so broke and still want to have an AR-15 optic for your rifle, we suggest you go for CenterPoint 1-4X20 AR Scope. It is the cheapest rifle scope on our list. It gets the job done, but the quality could be a matter of concern.

CenterPoint 1-4X20 AR Scope

Close Range:

This one is a low power scope, but it can work in a close to mid-range, 250 yards to be precise.


Unlike other best scope for AR 15 under $100, this one is intended for point-blank with 1 to 4x magnification. With some flexible measurement and practice, it can be used to shoot at some distance as well.

Eye Relief:

The eye relief for this one is 4.1 that is quite generous, but it is hard to match the eye box at 1x. This is 1x power, but it can be moved to 1.25x according to the users.

Other Features:

This one may be cheap, but the 3 MOA center dot is laser-etched in the glass. This feature is designed to acquire the target quickly and for reticle integrity. The turrets are tight in this one, and Loctite is great for zero.

  • Affordable price
  • Laser-etched glass for better aim
  • Dual illumination
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories
  • Short eye relief
  • Doesn’t have weatherproof features
  • Poor hardware


Things to consider before buying a AR 15 scope for under $100

Shopping within a tight budget means you got to let go of a lot of standards. But that doesn’t mean don’t bother with any details. It needs to look strong, durable, and functional within your budget limit. This is a little tricky for an AR-15 rifle scope, but here are a few things you should consider.

  • Magnification: It should have a magnification range from 1-4x to 1-8x. Lesser than this won’t be functional for you.
  • Glass lens: Even the cheap scopes need a real glass lens and a few coatings on it to work fine, so opt for the one that has a better-quality glass lens.
  • Mil-dots/BDC/Crosshairs: Before shopping for AR-15 scope, try to come up with the decision of what you prefer among mil-dots, duplex crosshairs, or BDC reticles.
  • Parallax: It refers to the image distortion you experience when a scope is attached with a high-power gun. Make sure there is an adjustment setting for this.
  • Quality turrets: At this amount, you can’t get much but consider having a scope with slightly better turrets.
  • Metal hardware: Get a scope made with metal hardware for durability and avoid plastic hardware.

Final verdict:

Although here you have our top 5 picks for the best scope for AR 15 under $100, we expect you to buy the one that meets your demands. Do proper research before buying a rifle scope because, in the field, you would want something reliable. If it is broken in the field, there is not any use of rifle scope.

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