An Ultimate Guide To Buy 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts In 2020

The SKS rifle is renowned as it has been through various wars, so almost all soldiers are familiar with it. The early models of SKS date back to 1943. Due to its massive use all over the world, many people want scopes for SKS. Many people have asked if the scope can be upgraded on an SKS model with its precise shooting accuracy, reliability, and inexpensiveness. Yes, it can be upgraded, but it is a complex procedure.

The actual SKS models come without traditional scope mounting. Therefore, you need to utilize the scope of another company and fit into the SKS separately. Whatever the model you choose, you need to make sure it is rock solid and free of any movement. The slop, once mounted, could be okay. The mount must be able to lock down all-time for better accuracy.

All Russian rifles and weapons are great to use, but they are not enhanced to modern needs. Even in the contemporary battle rifles, such as AK 47, AK-74, SVT 40, Mosin Nagant, and SKS, they have not used the scope feature.

So here, we are going to dig a little deeper and discuss the 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts that are compatible with SKS rifles. We are also going to discuss the qualities and advantages of SKS.

  1. UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount – Overall Top Pick

The UTG Pro SKS Receiver Cover Mount enables the shooter to attach large and powerful optics on its rifle. This should be mounted on the back of the receiver so that the metal section can run over the bolt. That section of metal serves as a brass deflector. This will allow the shooter a reliable and smooth operation, no matter how big and powerful your scope is.

The UTG Pro SKS scope mount can hold the heavyweight optic because it features one-piece compact construction. This will add a significant load to your rifle, but you get to see the target better with scope. There is a total of 22 slots on the Picatinny rail that makes enough space even for large scopes. Another great thing in this one is the high mount rides that contribute to iron sights that help close-range operations.

It’s quite simple to install as compared to others. Once it is installed properly, there is no room for any mistakes. It is available in the market and can be bolted to any gun.

  • It supports the larger optics.
  • It has a powerful base.
  • Integral brass deflector.
  • Steel bade with matte black anodizing.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • It is heavyweight and preferred for professionals.
  • Slightly expensive.
  1. Global Sportsman SKS See-Thru Scope Mount – Best See-Through Design Mount

The Global Sportsman SKS mount is the one scope that fits on various models of SKS. This scope’s quality is definitely top of the line, built from aircraft-grade aluminum with an all-black matte anodized finish. The body has a see-through design with a bottom slot with a special hook to hold a foldable bayonet.

This mount doesn’t have to be raised to use the site because it features a strategic design that implies see-through holes. As for the extra weight, it adds about 8 ounces to your rifle.

It is great overall, but the mount’s length can be problematic for eye relief.

  • See-through design.
  • Good quality.
  • It can lodge a bayonet well.
  • The long length is not feasible for everyone.
  • I could use a little modification.
  1. Choate SKS Scope Mount – Runner-up

It is made with 4140 steel, so it is obvious that it is strong against the shock. According to many users, its holding ability is outstanding. It is nicely mounted that doesn’t move when you shot. It is easy to install and maintain as it comes with oil solvents of its own.

The choate SKS scope mount preserves the zero, features a durable stainless-steel body and a flat top Picatinny rail that can last a lifetime. The mount is one-sided and usually requires four 8-40 screws to install. Before installing, make sure SKS is taped and drilled.

It is a durable and inexpensive choice for those who want a simple yet tough weapon.

  • Holds zero consistently.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Raised to iron sights.
  • Requires gunsmithing.
  • Limited space
  1. Barska SKS Mount With Integrated Rail – Best SKS Scope Mount for the Money

Barska SKS Mount is among the 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts if we compare them moneywise. If you are looking to get some alteration done on your SKS gun, then this is it. Some people like flashlights and lasers it’s also used at the night vision scope. It is the best option for those who are not afraid to add some extra while going hunting. The rail is pretty durable and handles multiple things at a time. The installation is easy, but it takes around 10 minutes to attach it with the rifle. Its rock-solid body can hold it still and protects you from shock. It also contributes to accuracy and precision.

The mount is three and a half inches long and weighs a few pounds but still offers great eye relief.

  • Limited one-year warranty.
  • Compact design.
  • Requires gunsmithing/alteration to work better.
  • No deflector.
  1. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical SKS – Best All-Inclusive Package

Among the 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts, this one can be considered as the best considering all things. It is basically a hunting sniper scope for Coyote Hunting, and it comes with a see-through lens. Aside from the see-through lens, there is a mil-dot reticle, SKS scope mount, lens cover, and a cleaning kit. So, you get plenty of things in an inclusive package.

The multi-coated lens is adjustable for windage and elevation settings according to the weather. Iron sights are easy to mount because of their see-through design. This mounting scope offers perfect stability when you shot at something. It is made with super-strong alloy steel that offers supreme durability. It comes in a matte black finish and also has an Allen wrench.

  • An inclusive package deal.
  • Room for adjustment.
  • See-through cover.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • The casting cover can be better.

Things to know before buying an SKS scope mounts

Many people need to do a little bit of research about what works for them if they are looking to buy the SKS scope mounts. Here is a list of things that you should take into account. Have a look:

  • Rail Design: There are two rail scope mount systems.
  1. Weaver-style rails are for those shooters who are looking for a low-profile mount.
  2. There will be enough surface area when you mount the rings that are slot placements and the number of slots. That will be the Picatinny Rails.
  • See-Through design: Usually, the mounts have see-through designs as they help with the rifle’s iron sight. This can help you see the black matte finish surface. This can also give you an idea about quality.
  • Durability: Your scope isn’t worth it if it is durable. Choose the scope that has the longest durability. Check reviews and determine what things make it durable. Usually, steel or aluminum material and water-resistant qualities make the scope durable.
  • Alignment: When buying the scope, try to see its alignment. It has to be précised and correct otherwise. You won’t be able to make any right shot. This must be considered when you are installing it on SKS.
  • Fit: The fit is important in selecting a scope mount. A tight fit would allow the scope and rifle to be securely attached. It will minimize the movement of the riflescope and thus maintains the balance and stability of your rifle. If you buy the scope that doesn’t fit well, you can always have the option of alteration.
  • Weight: The weight is another factor that must be considered before buying a scope. Well, don’t go for too heavy nor too lightweight. Find a one that is easy to carry but enough to hold the shock of shooting.

Are all SKS scope mount the same?

Considering that different companies are manufacturing the SKS scope mounts, there is bound to be a difference. Plus, there are different settings and aspects of scope.

The different aspects of SKS scope mounts are mentioned below:

Installation: All scopes need to be installed on the SKS rifle, but some rifles require tapping and drilling. This can be different in all scopes.

Mounting Options and Customization: The weaver or Picatinny rails are there to help attach the scopes on rifles. The versatility in rails can help you add more mounting options or customization, such as laser or flashlight.

What are the Advantages of upgrading your SKS Scope, Mount?

Customization is the key to many opportunities. Clearly, SKS rifles miss out on so many contemporary things, but you can add a bunch of stuff on it through upgrading. If your SKS does not have a scope, get one because you can’t gain precision and shoot accurately without it.

Accessories: By adding side mounts and rails, you can add accessories such as laser and flashlight to your scope and attach it with an SKS rifle.

Safety: Firearms should always come with safety settings, but if you are going to use old SKS rifles, it is better to add safety measures. Add a deflector to keep the cartridges from hitting your face while shooting. It can bother left-hand shooters.

Stability: Adjust the height and eye relief at a stable point for yourself, so it works perfectly under the circumstance.

Accuracy: There has to be instant and accurate zeroing-in of your scope for accuracy. So, choose the see-through models of scopes.


The SKS rifles are preferred for all types of hunters and shooters. Get a suitable scope from the 5 Best SKS Scope Mounts that we mentioned here, and thank us later. There could be personal preference, but the good thing with SKS is that there are options for upgrading at affordable prices.

This old school rifle may not be used in the military anymore, but it has a great grip, and the price is low.

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